Our menu has been created with the most innovative elaborations brought from different parts of the world. Discover the new exotic Mediterranean flavor created by the great master Paco Roncero.

Our menu


Oyster with passion fruit mignonette

Raw oyster

Oyster with caviar

Warm oyster with sun-dried pepper marinade

Oyster with palm heart tiger's milk

Oyster with coconut aguachile

Oyster selection

Natural oyster 9

Grilled Lemon.

Oyster with Caviar 20

Oyster with Passion Fruit Mignonette 10

Passion Fruit, Shallot, Olive Oil

Warm Oyster with Dried Peppers Adobo 10

Sour Cream, Dried Peppers Adobo, Lime Zest

Oyster with Hearts of Palm Leche de Tigre 10

Sesame Leche de Tigre, Red Oil, Sesame

Mostaza Sésamo
Oyster with Coconut Aguachile 10

Coconut Aguachile, Grilled Onion, Coriander Oil

Selection of Oysters 42

Our 5 Varieties.

Mostaza Lácteos Sésamo


Baeri 50gr 110

Baeri 100gr 200

Amur Osetra 50gr 130

Amur Osetra 100gr 225


Shrimps with Coconut Milk

Palm hearts with sesame tiger's milk

Red-marinated corvina

Croaker in Red Adobo 24

Orange, Grilled Onion, Grilled Pineapple, Hibiscus Salt

Hearts of Palm with Sesame Leche de Tigre 16

Hearts of Palm, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Sesame Leche de Tigre, Red Oil

Mostaza Sésamo
Shrimps with Coconut Milk 29

Coconut aguachile, Cucumber, Red Onion, Lime, Coriander


To share

Lobster roll

Fried marinated anchovies.

Crispy Iberian Pork Ribs

Dip de semillas de calabaza

Tartlet with roasted cherry tomatoes, olives, and burrata

Grilled eggplant

Grilled octopus

Lobster roll 14

Brioche Bread, Green Apple Russian Salad and Lobster, Fried Lobster Legs (1 unit)

Huevos Crustáceos Cereales con gluten Mostaza Lácteos Soja
Marinated Fried Fresh Anchovies 16

Yáryara Sauce, Grilled Lemon

Pescado Lácteos Mostaza Cereales con gluten
Crispy Iberian Pork Ribs 28

Fresh Green Salsa, Spicy Peanuts, Fried Corn

Soja Sésamo Cacahuetes
Pumpkin Seeds Dip with Iberian pork cracklings 18

Grilled Eggplant, Cherry Tomato, Avocado, Parmesan Crisp, Green Plantain Chips, Olives, Iberian Pork Cracklings

Cereales con gluten Lácteos Apio
Grilled Cherry Tomatoes Tartlet, Olives, Burrata 28

Crispy Puff Pastry, Pistachio Pesto

Cereales con gluten Lácteos Frutos secos
Grilled Eggplant 18

Annatto Romesco, Hazelnuts, Spices, Seeds

Frutos secos Sésamo
Grilled Octopus 28

Mini Potatoes, Idiazábal Cheese, Chili Sauce, Dried Peppers

Soja Lácteos Cacahuetes Sésamo

Salads and Vegetables

Green Salad

Apple, cucumber, and melon salad

Grilled Eggplant Salad with Octopus Carpaccio

Grilled lettuce hearts and peaches salad

Grilled romaine lettuce

Grilled Romain Lettuce 21

Pumpkin Seeds and Mint Cream, Herbs Vinaigrette, Comte Cheese, Fried Corn

Frutos secos Lácteos
Lettuce Heads and Grilled Fruit Salad 18

Mint and Dill Labneh

Green Salad 18

Feta Cheese, Green Leafs, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion, Olives

Apple, Cucumber and Melon Salad 18

Avocado, Caramelized Pecans, Dried Blueberries, Lemon Vinaigrette

Frutos secos
Octopus Carpaccio with Grilled Eggplant Salad 28

Red Oil, Capers, Feta Cheese

Lácteos Sésamo

Rice and pasta

Scarlet Shrimp Noodles

Seasonal Vegetables Noodles

Rice with roasted lamb shank

Seafood Bolognese with lobster

Seasonal Vegetables Noodles 22

Noodles, Seasonal Vegetables. Price per person (Min 2 pax)

Cereales con gluten Moluscos
Scarlet Shrimp Noodles 33

Noodles, Scarlet shrimp, Octopus. Price per person (Min 2 pax).

Cereales con gluten Crustáceos Cacahuetes Sésamo
Rice with Roasted Lamb Shank 30

Fermented Garlic Mayonnaise. Price per person (Min 2 pax).

Lácteos Sulfitos
Shellfish Bolognese with Lobster 76

Lumaconi Stuffed with Shellfish Bolognese, Shellfish Sabayon. Recommended for 2 pax. +Caviar (Osietra 30g - 85)

Cereales con gluten Lácteos Moluscos Huevos Sulfitos


Turbot with Mediterranean pickled sauce

Grilled fish with coconut and lime sauce

Squid stuffed in its ink

Stuffed Squid with Ink Sauce 36

Iberian jowl, Squid ink sauce with black recado, Ají Amarillo emulsion, Fried baby squids

Pescado Moluscos Sulfitos Cereales con gluten Huevos Soja
Grilled Bass with Coconut and Lime Sauce 38

Fried plantain, Fennel and cauliflower salad

Turbot with Mediterranean Pickles

Capers, Dried chili, Olives 60/Kg

Lácteos Pescado


Grilled T-bone steak

Beef rib with a reduction of its juices

Grilled bone marrow with red prawn

Charcoal Roasted Chicken

Sirloin Steak with Bone

Sirloin Steak with Bone 45

Chimichurri sauce, Padron peppers, and Grilled Okra

Charcoal Roasted Chicken 27

Boned Cornish Hen, Tubers Chips, Roasted Chicken Juice

Lácteos Mostaza Sésamo
Grilled Bone Marrow with Scarlet Shrimp 42

Pickled Onions, Chickpeas and Grilled Egplant Hummus

Sésamo Cereales con gluten Crustáceos Huevos
Slow Cooked Beef Ribs with Its Juices 36

Yellow Polenta, Beef and Huitlacoche Sauce

Grilled T-bone steak 95

Chimichurri Rhudo and Grilled Padrón Peppers and Okra


Pickled vegetables


French Fries

Grilled Padrón Peppers and Okra

Grilled Padrón Peppers and Okra 9

Sour Cream, Dried Chili Oil

Lácteos Sésamo Cacahuetes
French Fries 9

Potatoes, RHUDO Spices Mix

RHUDO Salad 9

Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion, Olives

Pickled Vegetables 9

Cauliflower, Baby Carrots, Jalapeño, Gherkin, Potatoes, Okra








Corn 12

Custard, Crisp, Toffee, Popcorn

Lácteos Huevos
Chocolate 15

Intense chocolate textures.

Cereales con gluten Huevos Lácteos Soja
Rice 12

Sheep Milk, Rice Crisp.

Huevos Lácteos Frutos secos
Coconut 14

Coconut Tres Leches, Meringue, Lemon Marshmallow

Huevos Lácteos Frutos secos Cereales con gluten
Apple 12

Roasted Apple, Puff Pastry, Vanilla Ice Cream. Preparation time: 10'

Cereales con gluten Frutos secos Lácteos









Non-alcoholic cocktail
Virgin Mojito 12

Lime, Mint, Soda, Angostura

Virgin Piña Colada 12

Pineapple juice, Coconut, Lime, Angostura

Prepared Tomato Juice 10

Tomato juice, Perry sauce, pepper, salt, lime, Tabasco

Shirley Temple 12

Lime Soda, Lime, Grenadine and Cherry in Maraschino

Lycos 12

Seagram's 0.0, tomato clarified, strawberry, bay leaf, pepper, vanilla and tea. A surprising cocktail, with vegetal notes and balanced acidity

Ares 12

Ginger beer, cucumber extract, mint, lime, saline solution. Refreshing, light flavor and a subtle spicy tone

Caipirinha 14

Cachaça, lime and sugar

Aperol Spritz 14

Aperol, cava and soda

Tommy´s Margarita 16

Mezcal, tequila, lime, cointreau, agave

Espresso Martini 14

Vodka, Kahlúa, Coffee

Bloody Mary 14

Vodka, tomato juice, Perry sauce, Tabasco, salt, pepper, lemon, secret touch.

Moscow Mule 14

Vodka, lime, ginger beer

Porn Star Martini 15

Vodka, lime, passion fruit, sugar and vanilla

Paloma 15

Tequila, grapefruit soda, lime, tajín

Tequila Sunrise 14

Tequila, orange juice, grenadine

Mimosa 14

Cava, orange juice

Bellini 14

Cava, peach puree

Negroni 14

Gin, Vermouth, Campari

Dry Martini 14

Gin and dry vermouth

Gimlet 14

Gin, lime, sugar

Tom Collins 14

Gin, lime, sugar, soda

Whisky Sour 14

Bourbon, lime, sugar, Angostura, egg white

Old Fashioned 14

Bourbon, sugar cube, angostura, maraschino cherry, orange peel

Manhattan 14

Bourbon, vermouth, angostura

Piña Colada 14

Young rum, pineapple juice, coconut puree

Daiquiri 14

Young rum, lime, sugar


Young Rum, fresh lime, mint, sugar, soda

Copa: 14

Carajillo 43

Coffee and Licor 43.

Copa: 8

Talos 15

Vodka, red fruit shrub, kafir, lime, citrus foam and raspberry peta zetas. In it we will find fruity notes, complex acidity and a play of different textures.

Ambar 15

Cachaça, passion fruit, lime cordial, roses and grapefruit, united in a magnificent clarification. Flavor of sweet notes, silky body and milky finish

Lácteos Huevos
Helios 15

Rum, lime, blackberry preparation, heavy cream, panela and nutmeg. Sweet and citrus flavors that balance in the mouth and are born from the game of the three layers

Atila 15

Tequila, avocado, mint, serrano chili, lime cordial. Creamy, fresh and citrus texture.

Delfos 15

Pisco, Elderberry liquor, fermented dairy with thyme, with white chocolate coating. With the characteristic lactic acidity, accompanied by field and flowers, in a surprising mix of creamy texture

Conan 15

Gin, yuzu, lime cordial, kafir and ginger, finished with a caramel nest. With an intensely citrus and light flavor, it is an easy-to-drink refreshing cocktail.

Aníbal 15

Rum, black tea, lemon, star anise, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. A different way to drink rum, light and easy to drink, but with many layers of flavor.

Rhudo 16

Whiskey, vermouth and homemade raspberry, hibiscus and pepper liqueur. With it we will obtain elegance, power of flavor and complexity.

Éter 16

Maestro Dobel, 400 Conejos, agave infused with ginger, lime, sherry, and smoked foam. Smoky, full-bodied flavors, where mezcal takes center stage.

Casio 15

Rum, Roasted pineapple with our Thai recipe, prepared with almonds and curry. Exotic, fruity flavor and good balance in acidity


Wines & Champagne


Copa: 72

Copa: 50

Copa: 29

Copa: 6

Copa: 6

Copa: 85

Copa: 8

Copa: 8

Copa: 6

Copa: 22

Copa: 19

Copa: 9

Copa: 19

Copa: 12

Copa: 22

Copa: 9


Botella: 150

Perrier Jouët Grand Brut

Copa: 20

Botella: 120

Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque Brut 2014

Botella: 280

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2015

Botella: 485

Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 1.5L 2012

Botella: 1850

EPC Brut

Botella: 125

Louis Roederer Collection 243 1.5L

Botella: 290

Bruno Paillard "Cuvee 72"

Botella: 200

Perrier Jouët Blason Rosé

Copa: 23

Botella: 135

Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2014

Botella: 1045

Perrier Jouët Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs 2006

Botella: 850

Philippe Gonet Brut Blanc De Blancs "Signature"

Botella: 145

Philippe Gonet Brut Blanc De Blancs "Signature" 1.5 L

Botella: 297

Philippe Gonet Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs Millésimé 2016

Botella: 183

EPC Blanc de Noirs

Botella: 120

Spanish White Wines
Albariño Mexillon, sobre Lias 2022

D.O. Rias Baixas.

Botella: 35

Belondrade & Lurton 2021

Botella: 91

Ramón Bilbao, Verdejo sobre Lias 2022

D.O Rueda / UVA Verdejo

Botella: 40

Oscar Tobia Reseva 2017

Botella: 47

Familia Torres, Milmanda 2022

Botella: 120

Enate, Uno Chardonnay 2003

Botella: 590

Copa: 8

Botella: 37

Botella: 43

Botella: 58

Copa: 6

Botella: 35

Copa: 8

Botella: 39

Botella: 73

Botella: 120

French White Wine
Ladoucette, Sancerre Comte Lafond 2022

Botella: 70

Ladoucette, Pouilly-Fumé 2022

Botella: 72

Marc Brédif, Vouvray Classic 2021

Botella: 45

Régnard, Chablis St. Pierre 2022

Botella: 70

Regnard, Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons”2018

Botella: 132

Bouchard Père & Fills, Corton Charlemagne 2019

Botella: 550

M. Chapoutier, Saint Joseph ‘’Deschants’’ 2016

Botella: 75

Château de Beaucastel, Châteneuf du Pape Blanc 2005

Botella: 297

Château de Beaucastel, Châteneuf du Pape Blanc 2016

Botella: 237

Coudoulet Beaucastel, Côte du Rhône Blanc 2016

Botella: 69

‘’Y’’ D’yquem 2017

Botella: 310

Italian White Wine
Gaja, Rossj Bass 2022

Botella: 165

Gaja Ca´Marcanda, Vistamare 2018

Botella: 83

White Wine Around the World
Markus Molitor, Urziger Wurzgarten, Riesling Spatlese 2021

Botella: 62

Ken Forrester, Chenin Blanc 2021

Botella: 48

Marimar Estate Alabariño 2022

Botella: 66

Rosé Wine
Vicente Gandia, Bobal Rosa 2022

Botella: 32

Costa di Rosé 2022

Botella: 45

By Ott Rosé 2022

Botella: 65

By Ott Rosé 1.5L 2022

Botella: 130

Copa: 6

Botella: 35

Spanish Red Wine- D.O Rioja
Artadi, El Carretil 2015

Botella: 300

Artadi, El Carretil 2017

Botella: 240

Artadi, El Quintanilla 2017

Botella: 105

Artadi, La Poza de Ballesteros 2017

Botella: 220

Artadi, La Poza de Ballesteros 1.5L 2017

Botella: 360

Artadi, San Lázaro 2017

Botella: 180

Artadi, Terreras 2019

Botella: 100

Artadi, Viña el Pisón 1.5L 2016

Botella: 1450

Artadi, Viña el Pisón 2017

Botella: 460

Artadi, Viña el Pisón 1.5L 2017

Botella: 1000

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, Límite Sur 2019

Botella: 66

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao, Mirto 2016

Botella: 105

Bodegas Gómez Cruzado, Pancrudo

Botella: 73

Viña Tondonia, Reserva

Botella: 105

Domaine La Mimbrera Coupage Tradicional 2021

Botella: 105

La Cueva de Contador 2016

Botella: 97

La Cueva del Contador 2019

Botella: 143

La Cueva del Contador 2020

Botella: 155

Contador 2015

Botella: 400

Contador 2016

Botella: 480

Contador 2019

Botella: 640

Contador 2020

Botella: 730

Fincas de Ganuza Reserva 1.5L 2013

Botella: 172

Fincas de Ganuza Reserva 1999

Botella: 110

Quiñón de Valmira 2019

Botella: 660

Sierra Cantabria CVC

Botella: 749

Copa: 6

Botella: 35

Spanish Red Wine-D.O Ribera del Duero

Botella: 90

Valduero, 2 Cotas Reserva 1.5L 2016

Botella: 176

Pingus 1.5L 2019

Botella: 2600

Alion 2019

Botella: 210

Botella: 40

Botella: 50

Copa: 7

Botella: 37

Spanish Red Wine-D.O Toro

Botella: 110

Termanthia 2015

Botella: 440

Libranza 28 Reserva Especial 2009

Botella: 130

Teso de la Monja 2015

Botella: 1800

Teso de la Monja 1.5L 2016

Botella: 3000

Vino Tinto de España-Castilla Y Leon

Botella: 75

Mauro 1.5L 2021

Botella: 150

AbadÍa Retuerta, Petit Verdot 2019

Botella: 200

Mauro VS 2021

Botella: 150

Abadia Retuerta Selección Espacial 6L 2019

Botella: 690

Mauro VS 1.5L 2021

Botella: 380

Vino Tinto de España-Catalunya
Finca Dofí 2017

Botella: 180

Finca Dofí 1.5L 2017

Botella: 360

Mas La Plana 2018

Botella: 150

Gratallops 2017 1.5L

Botella: 215

Camins del Priorat 2022

Botella: 55

Spanish Red Wine-D.O Bierzo
Otazu Genios N1 2016 David Magán

Botella: 890

Otazu Vitral 2009

Botella: 210

Pago de Otazu Artist SERIES 2 Tony 2009

Botella: 360

Pago de Otazu Artist SERIES 3 Héctor 2015

Botella: 360

Arínzano 2004

Botella: 145

Arínzano Gran Vino 2014

Botella: 210

Señorío de Arínzano 2016

Botella: 515

La Diva 2017

Botella: 870

La Diva 1.5L 2017

Botella: 1900

La Mata 2016

Botella: 515

La Mata 2017

Botella: 600

Viña Pedrosa Perez Pascuas Gran Reserva 1999

Botella: 830

Pétalos del Bierzo 2021

Botella: 43

Villa De Corullón 2021

Botella: 120

Villa de Corullon 2017 1.5L

Botella: 159

Spanish Red Wine-Rest of Spain
El Sequé 2021

Botella: 52

El Sequé 2020 1.5L

Botella: 105

French Red Wine-A.O.C Burgundy
Louis Latour Côte de Nuits Villages 2021

Botella: 80

Domaine Nicolas Rossignol, Volnay 1er cru "Clos des Angles" 2019

Botella: 210

Bouchard Père & Fills, Pommard 1er Cru “Les Rugiens” 2020

Botella: 230

French Red Wine-A.O.C St. Emilion
Petit Figeac 2018

Botella: 160

Château Pavie Macquin 2018

Botella: 282

Petrus 1982

Botella: 9500

French Red Wine-A.O.C Pomerol
Château Certan de May 2016

Botella: 320

Vino Tinto Francia-A.O.C St. Estephè
Château De Pez 2019

Botella: 99

French Red Wine-A.O.C Pauillac
Réserve de Pichon Comtesse 2018

Botella: 135

Vino Tinto de Francia-A.O.C St. Julien
Château Léoville Las Cases 2017

Botella: 360

French Red Wine-A.O.C Margaux
French Red Wine-A.O.C Saint Joseph
EE.UU Red Wine
Dominus Estate, Othello 2020

Botella: 155

Merry Edwards, Russian River, Pinot Noir 2020

Botella: 170

Chilean Red Wine
Almaviva 2017

Botella: 375


Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Black Label


Copa: 16

Botella: 200

Chupito: 8

Chivas Regal 12

Copa: 16

Chupito: 8

Glenlivet 12

Copa: 16

Chupito: 8

Glenfiddich 12

Single Malt, Highland

Copa: 16

Chupito: 8

Buchanan`s 12


Copa: 18

Botella: 250

Chupito: 9

Glenkinchie 12

Single Malt, Lowlands

Copa: 20

Chupito: 10

Glenmorangie 10

Single Malt, Higland

Copa: 20

Chupito: 10

Glenrothes 12

Single Malt, Speyside

Copa: 20

Botella: 250

Chupito: 10

Talisker 10

Single Malt. Higland (Islands)

Copa: 22

Botella: 300

Chupito: 11

Laphroaig 10

Single Malt, Islay

Copa: 22

Chupito: 11

Chivas Regal 18

Blended Malt

Copa: 24

Chupito: 12

Macallan 12 Double Cask

Single Malt, Higland

Copa: 24

Botella: 250

Chupito: 12

Lagavulin 16

Single Malt, Islay

Copa: 30

Botella: 400

Chupito: 15

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Copa: 60

Botella: 750

Chupito: 30

Old Parr 12


Copa: 18

Chupito: 9

Johnnie Walker Green 15

Blended Malt

Copa: 22

Chupito: 11

Irish Whiskey
Bushmills 10

Copa: 16

Botella: 200

Chupito: 8

American Whisky


Copa: 16

Chupito: 8

Maker's Mars


Copa: 16

Chupito: 8

Bulleit Rye

Copa: 16

Chupito: 8

Jack Daniel´s Single Barrel

Tennessee Whiskey

Copa: 18

Botella: 220

Chupito: 9

Japanese Whiskey

Copa: 14

Botella: 180

Chupito: 7


Copa: 30

Botella: 350

Chupito: 15

Yamazaki 12

Single Malt

Copa: 50

Chupito: 25

Brugal Extra Viejo

Barceló Imperial

Havana Selección Maestros

1888 Brugal

Zacapa 23

Plantation XO

Zacapa XO

Zacapa Royal

Diplomatico Planas (blanco)

Copa: 18

Chupito: 9

Tequila and Mezcal
Don Julio 1942

Tantita Pena

1800 Blanco

1800 Reposado

Maestro Dobel

Casa Dragones

Clase Azul Plata

Clase Azul Reposado

Maestro Dobel 50

1800 Cristalino

400 Conejos

Casa Amigos Mezcal Joven

Maestro Dobel JEROBAN (3litros)

Botella: 1500

Maestro Dobel MAGMUM EXTRA (1.75LITROS)

Botella: 800

Don Julio 1942 MAGNUM EXTRA (1.75Litros)

Botella: 2000



Tanqueray Ten

Gin Nº3


Monkey 47


Martin Miller´s



Larios Rose

Beluga Gold

Grey Goose VX

Beluga Noble


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